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Fiber & CAT6 Data Cabling Made Easy

CalComm installs the network hardware your team needs to stay connected — including fiber, ethernet cables, server racks, access points, and more.

Get Network Cabling and Server Infrastructure Installed for Your Business’ Digital World

From phone lines to network drops to server racks and patch panels, our experienced techs create the structure your business needs to operate without missing a beat.

We go the extra mile to ensure high-traffic areas like warehouses have Wi-Fi without sprawling messes of cables.

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Data Cabling Installation & Maintenance

OPS requires a specialized approach to the installation and upkeep of a site’s cables. The cables frequently need to be installed at two or more stories in the air. Additional layers of protection may need to be put in place to protect the cable from harsh environmental factors. Furthermore, occasional maintenance and repairs may be needed if weather, rodents, or unforeseen variables damage the cabling.

Choosing a company like Calcomm helps you reduce employee risk. Our techs professionally secure all of our cable installs to reduce trips, falls, and accidents. Call our cabling team directly at 909-918-5486 to ask any questions.

Comprehensive Services

CalComm provides a comprehensive selection of commercial network cabling and industrial structured cabling services and maintenance options, including:

  • CAT6 and CAT6A Cabling
  • Ethernet Cabling
  • Server Room, MDF, and IDF Design and Installation
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Installation
  • Coaxial Cabling
  • Mounting Access Points
  • Installing Data Racks, Rack Ladders, and Cable Management
  • Emergency On-Site Fiber Optic Repair and Copper Cabling Repair
  • Tier 1 Fiber Certification and CAT6 Certification Testing

Is Your Warehouse Connected?

Correct Wi-Fi installation in your facilities is essential to your business' success, from productivity to safety. With reliable connectivity, you can keep your business running smoothly.

Calcomm can not only prepare server racks and data cables but also ensure that your Wi-Fi infrastructure is correctly installed and optimized. Your employees will be more efficient, you'll be able to utilize modern sensors, and you'll be ready for growth.

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Gain Real-Time Inventory Management

You and your employees can monitor and optimize your warehouse on the go – getting answers anywhere in your building. With secure WiFi, you get to save time, get better data, and make better decisions about your logistics.

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Improve Equipment Protection & Safety

You can limit loose or dangling cables and their significant tripping hazard to warehouse personnel. Plus you can scale your business without continually re-wiring your warehouse.

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View Data Analytics and Reporting

Wi-Fi in warehouses allows you to gather and analyze operational data so that you are better informed to make business improvements.

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Keeping Your Business Connected

Reliable data connection points that keep your business online and functioning smoothly.

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Commercial Network Cabling

From quick office upgrades and full-scale builds to emergency repairs, our experienced technicians keep your business online.

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Industrial Network Cabling

Keep your warehouse or industrial site running smoothly by keeping your team connected and your facility online. Add access points and Wi-Fi without disrupting your operations.

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Fiber Optic Cabling

When speed, security, and reliability are a priority, there’s no better way to keep your facility online than fiber optic cabling.

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Commercial Network Cabling

Meeting today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth requires dependable and scalable network installation services. Our in-house technicians install the necessary hardware to keep your team connected and dialed in.

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Industrial Structured Cabling

Keeping industrial environments, like warehouses and processing plants, operating smoothly and efficiently requires a high level of network infrastructure. From security cameras to data access points, large facilities often need OPS cabling (aka outside plant cabling).

Our team works with your business to install cabling that doesn't get in the way.

Warehouse wifi install with scissor lift

Warehouse & Facility Wi-Fi

Warehouses serve as the backbone of supply chains. A robust Wi-Fi infrastructure plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and overall operational effectiveness. Enable real-time inventory management, accurate tracking, and minimize errors with fast, reliable internet across your facility.

A strong signal – powered by proper cable management – will keep your employees connected while minimizing accidents, injuries, and potential workers' compensation claims from unnecessary trip hazards.

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Fiber Optic Cabling

Bigger bandwidth, faster speeds, and higher resistance, make fiber optic cabling the ultimate in connectivity. Our experienced installation team is well-versed in both single mode fiber and multimode fiber optic cabling, including designing the infrastructure, installing the cabling, and providing ongoing maintenance.

Headache-Free Structured Cabling Solutions – Headquartered in Redlands

Technology made easy. CalComm is your full-service tech installation and maintenance solution for Southern California's small- to medium-sized businesses. We're located in Redlands and serve Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, and across San Bernardino and Orange counties.

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Gain a Better Use of Space

WiFi in your warehouse can help you to get real-time updates about your inventory. You can use those insights to better plan storage space and access.

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Professional Data Cabling

Our reliable technicians structure your cabling to create maintainable, high-performance networks. We install what you need while meeting local and national standards.

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Local to SoCal

We’re headquartered in Redlands and serve local and national brands across L.A, Orange, and San Bernardino counties.

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Get Cost Effective, End-to-End Structured Cabling

Let CalComm Systems take the helm of your office telecommunications and network management so you can focus on elevating your business.

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Trusted by Local & National Brands Since 2006

Our expert services install end-to-end network and data cabling solutions in Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties. We can help your business in our local communities of Redlands, Ontario, Riverside, San Bernardino, Perris, Fontana, Chino, March JPA, Jurupa Valley, Irvine, Rancho Cucamonga, and more.

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Our Mission Is Your Success

Whether repairing a single data pull or installing a state-of-the-art server, we’re passionate about providing outstanding service and cost-effective solutions that exceed your expectations — while making your tech work smarter for your business.