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Industrial Structured Cabling to Keep Your Warehouse Online & Protected

Strategically planned and expertly installed, an industrial structured cabling system keeps large facilities connected and efficient.

Calcomm installing data cabling in a wharehouse

Warehouse Data Cabling for TVS Supply Chain Solutions

TVS offers supply chain solutions on a global level. When they opened their first California warehouse less than two miles from CalComm, it was a completely new build that needed to be fully equipped with vital data cabling solutions, data storage solutions, and high-tech security. 

During the installation and testing, CalComm’s team frequently worked from Scissor Lifts while mounting cable, ensuring the cabling did not interfere with the warehouse’s workflow.

an icon illustration that looks like a server connected with wires

Server Rack Design & Installation

CalComm built and installed the main server rack in the office space. Our team mounted industrial-grade data cabinets in the warehouse that were networked together with OM3 multi-mode fiber.

icon illustration of a fiber optic cable

Fiber Optic Cable

Frontier Internet was extended from the MPOE location to the opposite side of the warehouse with OS1 single-mode fiber.

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Expert Installation

Throughout the entire build, color-coded CAT6 cables and jacks were installed for numerous IP cameras, wireless access points, and network devices. The entire suite of cables were tested and certified by our trained technicians.

What Our Clients Say

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This company did an outstanding job with the project we asked them to complete for us. We needed new Ethernet cabling installed in our buildings, access points mounted, and electrical grounding for our server racks.

They were willing to work with our budget, and the work was very clean and professional. I highly recommend this company for your communication needs. They are definitely on my list of contractors to use for future projects.

Thank you CalComm, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Copan Diagnosticsvia Google

three images with blue graphics containing warehouse data cabling examples, including a black enclosure and scaffolding

What is Warehouse Cabling?

Warehouse cabling is the infrastructure system that supports the day-to-day operations, security monitoring, and communication of large industrial facilities. Installed correctly, these systems meet the functional needs of your business today, while allowing for easy and affordable growth.

Two examples of warehouse data cabling installed and hung securely.

Industrial Structured Cabling Services & Maintenance

Unlike office cabling which is primarily installed within a building, a large portion of warehouse cabling is typically placed at elevated levels throughout a property’s exterior. A scissor lift is often required for this type of installation. And, extra precautions may be required to protect cabling from environmental hazards and pests.

  • Voice Wiring for IP Phones
  • Security Camera Wiring
  • Large and Small Scale Warehouse Setup
  • Cat5E, Cat6, & Cat6A Cabling Installation
  • OS1 and OS2 Single Mode Fiber Optic & OM1/2/3/4 Multimode Fiber Optic
  • Network Wiring for Cubicles
  • Data Drops for Network Printers
  • Maintain and Upgrade Voice Wiring for IP and Digital Phones 
  • WiFi Network Cabling
  • New RG6/Coax Lines for Cable
  • Network Cabling, Clean Up & Labeling
  • Wire Management
  • Structured Cabling
  • Network Repair & Troubleshooting
  • Backbone Wiring
  • DEMARC Wiring & Extensions

Make Correctly Installing Wi-Fi a Priority

Installing modern Wi-Fi in your warehouses and facilities brings many benefits that streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Our Cabling team at Calcomm are experts in identifying where to install routers, cables, access points, and support devices so that they stay out of your way — but deliver value.

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Get Improved Communication

Employees equipped with Wi-Fi-enabled devices can collaborate seamlessly, receiving and transmitting information promptly.

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Gain Cutting Edge Advancements

Additionally, Wi-Fi paves the way for emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and automation, enabling the deployment of smart sensors and robotics for efficient inventory management and order processing.

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Be More Compliant

Professionally installed Wi-Fi mitigates your legal risks and demonstrates a commitment to safety — which can positively impact your warehouse's reputation.