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Why Business WiFi Routers Offer Better Security & Efficiency

In today’s modern business era, being connected to the internet isn’t just convenient, it’s essential. Business WiFi routers offer a strong broadband connection to keep your staff online, operating efficiently and securely.

business class routers

6 Benefits of Business-Class Routers

The default routers from your internet service provider (ISP) offer connection to the internet. Unfortunately, most of these routers are not built to handle the needs of your business.

The majority of ISP Routers are designed for residential security needs, not business security needs. Upgrading to a router equal to your business’ needs provides a wide variety of benefits including:

1. Business-Class Routers Offer Enhanced Security

Digital security is a significant concern for businesses of all sizes, especially as cyberattacks have become increasingly common. While consumer-grade routers are equipped with security features to safeguard networks, these predominantly consist of basic measures that may prove inadequate for safeguarding sensitive business data. 

This is where the significance of business-grade routers becomes evident, as they offer advanced security features tailored to the demands of a business environment. Similar to their consumer-grade counterparts, the security functionalities of business-grade routers can be accessed through the Web GUI. 

These functionalities encompass robust firewall capabilities designed to thwart unauthorized access attempts, intrusion detection and prevention systems that actively monitor the network, and support for virtual private networks (VPNs) to ensure the secure connection of each device linked to the network. (More to come on security later in the post.)

2. Business Routers Provide Improved Bandwidth

Businesses and corporate settings differ significantly from typical households due to their dynamic nature, which is often characterized by rapid growth. Consumer-grade routers, designed for standard household use, prove inadequate for meeting the heightened demand for network resources within such dynamic business environments. In response to this, business-grade routers are specifically crafted with scalability in mind, facilitating the seamless expansion of networks as businesses evolve.

These routers are engineered to adeptly manage a substantial number of users and devices concurrently without compromising network speed or performance. They empower businesses to effortlessly incorporate additional employees or devices without the concern of encountering network bottlenecks.

3. Business Routers Offer Business-Class WiFi Access Points for Better WiFi Coverage

Business environments where numerous devices access the internet necessitate the use of wireless access points to ensure an efficient connection. Business-class wireless access points are capable of accommodating a high-number of simultaneous connections. 

This capability allows users to move freely within the facility without experiencing network interruptions, providing the flexibility to expand the number of devices supported by your network. Furthermore, CalComm’s team can help you identify how many WiFi Access Points (APs) you need to cover your entire office without any lost productivity. 

4. Skip the Rental Fee & Get Better Service by Buying a Router

Upon subscribing to an ISP's service, you typically receive a set of equipment to facilitate immediate online access. In some cases, this package may include a router, and your options might be limited in such instances.

Alternatively, the ISP might present you with the option to rent its approved router. Opting for this rental incurs an additional cost that reflects on your monthly bill. Buying a business-class router allows you to skip this rental fee and save money in the long run. 

5. Business WiFi Routers Minimize Downtime with Features Like Cellular Backup

Given how reliant most businesses are on the Internet, any instance of downtime can have heavy-hitting consequences. Even a brief interruption in internet connectivity can disrupt crucial business operations, leading to financial losses, strained customer relationships, and missed opportunities. The use of business-grade routers effectively mitigates this issue, ensuring that businesses are spared from such downtime challenges.

These routers are specifically engineered to handle substantial workloads and maintain a consistently high level of uptime. They excel at sustaining uninterrupted connectivity, even when numerous devices are concurrently linked to the network. In contrast to consumer-grade routers, which may struggle to cope with the escalating demands of a business or office setting, these business-grade routers are purpose-built to deliver seamless connectivity, even under heavy workloads.

6. Business-Class Routers Offer Advanced Customizations

Businesses  have unique network requirements that can vary from business to business. Whether the goal is to optimize network settings for high-performance applications or enforce rigorous security policies, these routers offer a high degree of customizability to tailor the network according to specific needs. Such customization proves immensely beneficial for businesses, enabling them to improve both the efficiency and security of their networks.

For instance, Business-grade routers excel at offering quality-of-service (QoS) features. These QoS features allow network administrators the ability to prioritize specific types of traffic, ensuring critical applications receive the required bandwidth. 

Why Does Business WiFi Router Security Matter?

Your business WiFi router and the network it creates is where all your digital files and communications are housed. You want to safeguard your router and network against unauthorized access to protect your business. 

Most routers use a data encryption feature, such as a number key or password. This layer of protection keeps individuals from simply login into your network without approval. Protecting your router from hacks, can help prevent hackers from:

  • Reconfiguring your router.
  • Locking you out of your network.
  • Blackmailing your business for any number of reasons.
  • Stealing information.
  • Creating a backdoor for future access.

Find the Business WiFi Router that’s Right for Your Goals

We can help you evaluate what business WiFi router would best support your business needs and goals. Let’s chat.